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"Osay, acronyme de « Our Stories Are Yours » (nos histoires sont les vôtres), est une enseigne de mode éthique qui met en avant les petites mains qui façonnent les tissus. « C’est aussi une plateforme et une voix pour dénoncer les abus et proposer des alternatives »"
Dora Bouchoucha et Kenza Fourati, mère et fille, ambassadrices de choc
PARIS MATCH - September 15, 2019
"“She was yearning for an understanding of what she was buying and where the story was coming from,” says McClements of Fourati. “That was one of the reasons she launched the collection—to work with artisans in Tunisia, where she’s from, and to present a different aspect of the Middle East to a US audience.”"
Shop Leather Slippers Handmade in Tunisia at a 14th Street Pop-Up This Weekend
WASHINGTONIAN - August 22, 2019
"Our products are handmade and ethically sourced, made with soul, skill and love. We try to connect worlds, buyers and artisans through beautiful pieces revisited, through shared humanities, through storytelling, through heritage preserved"
EARTH MOTHER: Kenza Fourati on her mission to make sustainability soulful
GRAZIA - May 16, 2019
" I was tired of the dehumanizing aspect of buying a product with no responsibility as to how it was made, how it came about and how its manufacturing was impacting the planet and those who made it."
Keeping up with Kenza
HELLO MAG - April 04, 2019
OSAY THE LABEL : Urban Heritage au Casino de Hammam-Lif
FEMMES DE TUNISIE - February 01, 2019
"“More than ever, we know we have to consume and live fashion differently, essentially with more integrity, purpose, conscience, and soul.”"
The Sustainable Model: Inside Kenza Fourati's Middle Eastern-Inspired Brooklyn Home
HARPER'S BAZAAR - January 14, 2019
"La Babouche shoes can be worn as loafers or sliders and are handmade in Tunisia."
NEW YORK POST - November 24, 2018
"This fuelled Kenza to launch OSAY – which stands for Our Stories Are Yours – that prides itself on being “a curated collection made with love, skill, and soul,” with a focus on sustainable resources made by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean artisans and designers."
GRAZIA - November 04, 2018
"Nous croyons en la promotion du patrimoine culturel et la préservation de l’artisanat et de l’expression créative des artisans. Nous voulons que nos produits reflètent les valeurs qui inspirent les autres et, par le biais d’histoires partagées, afin de combler les fossés culturels d’une région trop souvent mal représentée et mal comprise”"
Quand Kenza Fourati promeut l'artisanat tunisien à l'international
HUFF POST - October 08, 2018
"OSAY (Our stories are yours), un projet pour promouvoir l’artisanat tunisien"
OSAY par Kenza Fourati et Simone Carrica: le nouveau label des créateurs tunisiens aux USA!
IDEO MAGAZINE - October 05, 2018
"Part of Osay’s growing roster of Tunisian apparel, accessories, and beauty brands is handmade shoe brand La Babouche"
How Kenza Fourati is Helping Put Tunisia’s Emerging Labels on the Map
VOGUE - October 03, 2018
"With the fashion industry being one of the worst culprits for pollution, Fourati came to realise that traditional, local craftsmanship from her home country was an ethical alternative to the negative human and environmental impact of the globalised fast fashion industry."
This New Lifestyle Store Only Stocks Ethical Brands
MILLE WORLD - September 20, 2018
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