- Our Stories Are Yours - is an ethical lifestyle brand committed to preserving the craftsmanship and creative integrity of master artisans in Tunisia.

Our Founders

O S A Y was created by Tunisian-French top model, Kenza Fourati, and American-Argentinian entrepreneur, Simone Carrica. The two met as girls at their local high school in Tunis, Tunisia - a place deeply embedded in their hearts.

Years later, the two reunited as women in Brooklyn, NY. Still bonded by their memories of Tunis, as well as a strong belief that we must take responsibility for the detrimental impact that we, as consumers, have on the planet.

Combining this passion with their shared vision to help bridge cultural gaps of racism and religion through storytelling, O S A Y was born in 2018.

Walking Group

La Babouche Shoe, made with soul, skill, and love

Within these ancient Medina walls sits a small atelier where Chahrazed Chaieb, a self-taught female designer, has modernized the old Rihya style, alongside master artisan, Moez Ben Fradj, whose family has been making La Babouche for generations.

Handcrafted in small batches, often on a made-to-order basis, it takes an average of 24-hours to produce just one pair of La Babouche, making each shoe a one-of-a-kind, limited edition.*

Honoring our commitment to sustainability, our La Babouche are exclusively handmade using excess scraps of soft, supple leather sourced from the luxury goods industry.

*Rarely found in shoemaking, these special leathers have proven effective in creating the unique shape and signature folding heel that make our La Babouche a shoe that men and women alike can feel good about wearing – all day, every day

Walking Group