- Our Stories Are Yours - is a lifestyle label showcasing "La Babouche" loafers and other essentials, handmade with soul, skill, and love, from the Mediterranean to the world.

Our Stories Are Yours

O S A Y was founded by two friends, Kenza Fourati, a Tunisian-french top model, and Simone Carrica, an American-Argentinian entrepreneur. Both met in high school in Tunisia.


We are on a mission to promote the cultural heritage, preserve the craftsmanship and foster the creative expression of artisans.

More than ever, we know we have to consume and live fashion differently, essentially with more integrity, purpose, conscience, and soul...

With O S A Y, our products, and the stories behind them, we strive to inspire people and promote sustainability - all in effortless style and comfort.

We want our products to reflect values that inspire others and through shared stories to bridge cultural gaps from a region that is too often misrepresented and misunderstood.

But most importantly, we strive to share the untold stories in fashion that inspire humanity among all of us.

Kenza & Simone

Walking Group

La Babouche... Made with soul, skill, and love

Meet Chahrazed Chaieb, a self taught designer who revisited la Babouche with Moez Ben Fradj, our master artisan.

Each pair of La Babouche loafers is carefully handcrafted with soul, skill, and love, by master artisans Moez and Mansour in the historic "Medina" of Tunis, Tunisia.

La Babouche is inspired by a 19th Century popular indoor shoe in the Middle East known as the "Rihya". Both women and men would wear it for special occasions.

Today, our team has modernized "the Rihya" into a sleek, contemporary, elegant and comfortable - every day and everywhere - shoe.

Walking Group