Made from the highest quality leather

We recycle, up-cycle, and use every bit of high quality leather we can get our hands on, even scraps from the floor are purposefully used for a no waste approach.


100% Handmade by artisans

The art of making La Babouche follows time honored traditional craftsmanship, through which artisans express their creativity and continue to share their legacy.


Comfort and effortless style

The love, time, and integrity put into making La Babouche loafers will relay the minute you put them on. Knowing who made your shoes, and how, is the ultimate statement of style!


Made with soul, skill, and love...

Each pair of La Babouche loafers is carefully handcrafted with soul, skill, and love by master artisans Moez and Mansour in the historic "Medina" of Tunis, Tunisia.
La Babouche is inspired by a 19th Century popular indoor shoe in the Middle East known as the "Rihya". Both women and men would wear it for special occasions.
Today, our team has modernized "the Rihya" into a sleek, contemporary, elegant and comfortable - every day and everywhere - shoe.

A no waste approach...

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La Babouche loafer is handcrafted using leather excess inventory or “scraps”, sourced from local leather goods ateliers and factories, to one of the leading leather and tanning manufacturers in North Africa, certified ISO 9001.
The leather industry in Tunisia is a byproduct of the local meat industry and a centuries-old tradition that is deeply rooted in the daily life of the people.

The trade craft, perfected by master artisans and tanners, each with their manufacturing secrets have been passed down from one generation of craftsmen to the next.


We use the best practices and materials possible to make La Babouche a unique shoe that you will feel good about using and cherish for years. La Babouche is entirely handmade, keeping our energy consumption low and our employment numbers high.

Many of our styles are produced only on a made to order basis as to not accrue excess inventory, reduce our carbon footprint, and give our artisans time master their art, passion and expertise...

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La Babouche