O S A Y - Our Stories Are Yours - is a young lifestyle label founded by two friends, Simone Carrica, an American-Argentinian entrepreneur who grew up in Tunisia and Kenza Fourati Mohyeldin, a French-Tunisian fashion model based in NY.

 Note from Kenza and Simone:

At O S A Y, we strive to showcase the most exclusive emerging designers and artisans in the Mediterranean region and the broader Middle East. Through our mission, starting first and foremost with Tunisia, we have curated and collaborated on designs with consciously ethical and socially-minded brands, designers and artisans. 

More than ever, we know we have to consume and live fashion differently, essentially with more integrity, purpose, conscience, and soul.

We believe in promoting cultural heritage and preserving the craftsmanship and creative expression of artisans. 

We want our products to reflect values that inspire others and through shared stories to bridge cultural gaps from a region that is too often misrepresented and misunderstood.