CARE PACKAGE | Beauty Secret

CARE PACKAGE | Beauty Secret

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BEAUTY SECRET | Care package includes the now not best-kept secret for a beautiful morning glow. This essential evening ritual protects and regenerates your skin while you get your beauty sleep...Indulge your skin with our perfect duo:

1 Cleanser Make-up Remover "Pure Merveille"

This gentle make-up cleanser tonic, with its soothing orange blossom scent, is reminiscent of the refreshing Mediterranean orchards. The softness and the freshness of orange blossoms are combined with the virtues of Aloe Vera to preserve the skin's essential moisture and gently eliminate impurities without any harsh drying effects. 

  • Ingredients: Steam distilled orange flower water, 100% fresh aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin.
  • Size: 200ml.

1 Serum "Elixir Bonheur"

This concentration of precious oils is a blissful elixir made of natural ingredients with proven anti-aging action. Rich in essential fatty acids that act as a shield to protect the skin's natural water reserves, the prickly pear seed oil, and apricot combine to intensify the anti-oxidant power of rosemary and the purifying qualities of Neroli. 

  • Ingredients: Prickly pear seed virgin oil, rosemary essential oil, jojoba virgin oil, neroli, vitamin E.
  • Size: 15 ml.

L'ODAÏTÈS skincare products are paraben-free, phenoxyethanol free, colorant-free, silicon free, peg free, sulfate-free, and always animal cruelty-free.

Note: Limited quantities and exclusions apply.