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"My biggest obstacle growing up was learning how to love myself. Being a model for so long, you learn that success comes from when you change things about yourself. Acting has also been a very healing transition."

Damaris is an American actress, model, and dancer. She was raised in Brooklyn New York.



"When I take a picture, I give it all. I spend hours reading poetry, researching, writing, working on the composition... Some people tell me I m just trying to be provocative but I really pour so much of creative thoughts into it."

Emna is a blogger, model and photographer. She grew up in Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia and now pursues her photography studies in Barcelona, Spain.


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"To me, nothing beats seeing people experiencing happiness through a shared meal!"

Ali is an award winning Tunisian chef and culinary creative director living in New York. Before moving to NYC, Ali worked in Paris for the likes of Haagen Dazs and Le Meurice Hotel.


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"I am Chinese/Japanese and have lived in Tokyo most of my life before moving to the US. The work culture in Tokyo can sometimes be uptight.. And even though there is still a long way to go for gender equality, I am proud to say that more and more women have a voice in the work force!"

Ayaka works in advertising in New York, she has recently relocated from Tokyo, where she grew up.


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"I do what I do because I truly believe that protecting our human rights is key to living in peace and dignity. I have a vision of the world I want to live in and I’m committed to helping to make that a reality."

Sherine is a former war correspondent turned Deputy Director of advocacy for Amnesty International. Originally from Egypt, she was raised in London before covering intensively the Middle East. She now lives in New York.

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"I  actually draw a lot of my inspiration from NGO workers. More recently, I have been incredibly inspired by the health care workers who have been tirelessly working under terrible conditions during the pandemic."

Marion is a fashion designer from the South of France, based in NYC. Marion has worked as an accessories designer for the likes of YSL,  Proenza Schouler,  Calvin Klein to name a few, and more recently for Phillip Lim.